Can Bitcoin Become a Major Reserve Currency by 2030

Just hit news wires from Reuters: "Record highs predicted for bitcoin in 2016 as new supply halves"

Reuters has come out with a very bullish toned article on bitcoin price, click here to read it.
Here's the screenshot to show the bullish lede
It talks about the halvening and uses quotes from different people in the industry, including:
Check it out, you may use it as a counter-indicator if you think the media is behind on things, but either way Bitcoin in Reuters, global media wire, is something to watch.
web here
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According to Magister Advisors, bitcoin could become the 6th largest reserve currency, so we might just be witnessing the beginnings of the rise of digital currencies. However, bitcoin exchange Coinbase Brian Armstrong highlighted that the price of bitcoin is not the best way of judging how well a digital currency is doing. BITCOIN & BLOCKCHAIN IN 2016 A SURVEY OF GLOBAL LEADERS 2 Etienne Brunet - [email protected] Analyst at Magister Advisors (London, UK) MSc Stockholm School of Economics (SE) & Saint Gallen (CH) Jeremy Millar - [email protected] Partner at Magister Advisors (London, UK) Mentor at Barclays/TechStars FinTech Accelerator Angel Jeremy Millar, Magister Advisors. Jeremy Millar "In those environments, the ability to get into bitcoin — the ability to get out of the local currency into something that’s portable — has MAGISTER ADVISORS BITCOIN & BLOCKCHAIN IN 2016 A SURVEY OF GLOBAL LEADERS DECEMBER 2015 Private and Confidential. Oct 2015: European Court of Justice rules that Bitcoin exchange is tax-free. According to research released in late 2015, U.K.-based Magister Advisors, a financial institution which focuses on facilitating mergers and acquisitions in the technology sector, explained that bitcoin could become the sixth largest reserve currency by 2030.

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Cách kiếm tiền trên Btcpanda - YouTube

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