Coincidence? Top 5 Swiss Bank’s Profits up 34% After

Finally Bitcoin breakout to it's new support above 10,000 USD price level. Ethereum seems to continue bullish as well. Is it coincidence that Plan B pointed out the red dot exact on the right time.

Finally Bitcoin breakout to it's new support above 10,000 USD price level. Ethereum seems to continue bullish as well. Is it coincidence that Plan B pointed out the red dot exact on the right time. submitted by cryptoallbot to cryptoall [link] [comments]


INSANE BITCOIN COINCIDENCE!! “PRICED IN Halving” DOESN'T Matter? NEW ATH 2020 🚀 submitted by Thornsb to BLOCKCHAINEDNews [link] [comments]

Binance Vs Ethereum, Bithumb Expansion, The Greatest News Ever & Bitcoin SV Coincidence

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04-25 23:06 - 'Coincidence or not, here's the most recent facts: Kraken wick on cascading margin calls, negative Tether news. Tomorrow: CME futures expiration date.' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/EsotericSN removed from /r/Bitcoin within 48-58min

Coincidence or not, here's the most recent facts: Kraken wick on cascading margin calls, negative Tether news. Tomorrow: CME futures expiration date.
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Mt. Gox: CoinLab’s $16 billion claim coincides with Bitcoin’s ATH price, multiplied by 800,000 BTC - AMBCrypto News

Mt. Gox: CoinLab’s $16 billion claim coincides with Bitcoin’s ATH price, multiplied by 800,000 BTC - AMBCrypto News submitted by ulros to fbitcoin [link] [comments]

As we crossed $680, Zee News (150M+ avg viewership) did a complete segment on Bitcoin on the eve of Dhanteras (Festival of Wealth) and said btc could reach $10K. They said Indians could use Bitcoin Wallpapers instead of paper money in few yrs during their Dhanteras pooja. $700+ now, Coincidence?

As we crossed $680, Zee News (150M+ avg viewership) did a complete segment on Bitcoin on the eve of Dhanteras (Festival of Wealth) and said btc could reach $10K. They said Indians could use Bitcoin Wallpapers instead of paper money in few yrs during their Dhanteras pooja. $700+ now, Coincidence? submitted by IAMHODLING to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

Bitcoin Shorts reach near All-Time high 4 Days ago, and Yesterday Goldman Sachs did release bad news? is that just a coincidence?

Hey guys, i am so dissappointed what did happen last 4 days. That was a nice move from the banking cartel to bring bitcoin sharply down and so the altcoins. In only one hour 4 days ago the bitcoin shorts reach near all time high. And yesterday a deliberately bad news did release from Goldman Sachs. Here again some have earned good money.
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Stoked with my new Casa Bitcoin/Lightning Node (the lightning neon sign turned out to be a happy coincidence)

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Did anyone else noticed all this news coincided with the last difficulty adjustment? The next adjustment, undoubtedly a drop, won't be for another 2 weeks /r/Bitcoin

Did anyone else noticed all this news coincided with the last difficulty adjustment? The next adjustment, undoubtedly a drop, won't be for another 2 weeks /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Anyone else notice the Bitcoin spike coincided with the Japan Economic news

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As we crossed $680, Zee News (150M+ avg viewership) did a complete segment on Bitcoin on the eve of Dhanteras (Festival of Wealth) and said btc could reach $10K. They said Indians could use Bitcoin Wallpapers instead of paper money in few yrs during their Dhanteras pooja. $700+ now, Coincidence?

As we crossed $680, Zee News (150M+ avg viewership) did a complete segment on Bitcoin on the eve of Dhanteras (Festival of Wealth) and said btc could reach $10K. They said Indians could use Bitcoin Wallpapers instead of paper money in few yrs during their Dhanteras pooja. $700+ now, Coincidence? submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

WARNING: New to crypto? Feeling FOMO from Bitcoin going up? Be forewarned the halving is a classic "Sell the news" type event.

I don't normally post here but I've gotten texts and calls from people out of the woodwork that are interested in crypto all of a sudden due to the bitcoin halving. They are all feeling FOMO because price is going up and they want in.
When in reality it's getting priced in RIGHT NOW and come the day of the halving (or a couple days before, basically this weekend), it may quite possibly stall out and fizzle out because by then it's already fully priced in. The halving is clear, public information. It is not some secret nobody knows about. You don't have any edge here.
We have had 8 green weeks in a row. The Bitcoin halving is in 4 days. This is a classic, obvious, clear "buy the rumor, sell-on-the-date-of-the-news" type event as fundamental events with a clear date attached are rare for BTC.
Also, everyone and their mother on twitter is posting about how Paul Tudor announced his fund is buying bitcoin. Listen guys, he prolly bought this shit at 4-6k and selling into your FOMO right fucking now. It's not a coincidence they published this shit 4 days before halving. I'm not giving financial advice. I'm not saying short this shit to the ground. I'm just warning newbies to not be surprised when come 1-3 days before the halving we get an insane blow off top followed by a subsequent bleed out or crash.
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Anyone else notice the Bitcoin spike coincided with the Japan Economic news /r/Bitcoin

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Twitter Hack

The news is reporting it as a Bitcoin scam. It's not. It's a direct attack by a sophisticated group.
I know this for a few reasons.
1) All Bitcoin that was "stolen" is publicly registered, so none of the Bitcoin can even be used.
2) There are much better ways to scam money than hacking large accounts for a phishing scam. Namely one could post that Elon Musk has passed away (one of the accounts that was hacked), and short Tesla stock. Untrackable, unlike Bitcoin.
3) This is one is separate from the other two, but why were only leftist accounts hacked? All had two party authorization, meaning all nine or ten people's phones are hacked. Coincidence that they all so happen to be hardcore leftists... Hmmmmm
4) Also, now that those accounts were hacked, all Direct Messages from those individuals are exposed. Imagine the type of danger a country could face if all of it's leaders communications are exposed.
5) One day before the largest cyber attack in history, President Trump's passes a sweeping bill targeting China.
At this point we all have to see what is really happening. Everything that is happening this year is because Trump is attacking China. I believe even this pandemic has root in Chinese Government. What so happens to be funny is all of these people that were "hacked" have financial ties to China
Go look at the disgusting things China is doing; taking land from other countries that "belongs" to them, taking and demolishing homes from their own people, putting their own people in internment camps, and harvesting their organs to sell. That's not even to mention the flooding the government is responsible for, affecting 300,000+ people. What we are dealing with is our generations Nazi Germany.
I mean, have you even heard of the Yulin festival, which other countries allow humans to do that without repercussion?
This is someone telling the United States that we own your booty nothing less.
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Bitfinex cold wallet loose 86000 btc in one month

Bitfinex cold wallet loose 86000 btc in one month
no one in crypto space can deny the effect bitfinex has in the space, in fact it can be said that bitfinex /tether are single handedly responsible for btc 2018 bear market, after propping the price beyond reasonable valuation using usdt in the end of 2017, they are still facing multiple lawsuit regarding that issue( no one unfamiliar with the tether fud , but recently there have been more suspicious action taken by bitfinex :
-printing 4 billion since the beginning of 2020
-selling 70k btc in march(they admitted after being questioned about one third of their btc holding missing ),, what's more suspicious is the time of which is when btc was at it's low point (4k~5k), why would they sell so much so low?,who know?
-now their cold wallet is missing 86k btc in one month ,, with no comment about from bitfinex, in fact they even upped their tether printing this month, they already printed 1 billion usdt in just 14 day.
all this coincide from Europe possibility of banning stable coin,, they proposed it last year and just passed 2 month ago, which mean their serious about it.
and we already know that bitfinex is not shy of doing illegal action, like printing 860 million usdt to cover a loss last year,
all this are facts easily verified by anyone , but still there is no articles from the crypto "journalist" about the cold wallet missing btc.
i thought the best thing about crypto is transparency, and that everything is on the blockchain, so why are we sitting by with the looming danger of bitfinex/tether dragging us to an other maybe longer bear market or in the worst case scenario destroying crypto, while we have better alternative that have been audited like usdc and paxos
by the way usdt is only shy 50 million usdt from taking the #3 place from xrp
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Twitter Hack

The news is reporting it as a Bitcoin scam. It's not. It's a direct attack by a sophisticated group.
I know this for a few reasons.
1) All Bitcoin that was "stolen" is publicly registered, so none of the Bitcoin can even be used.
2) There are much better ways to scam money than hacking large accounts for a phishing scam. Namely one could post that Elon Musk has passed away (one of the accounts that was hacked), and short Tesla stock. Untrackable, unlike Bitcoin.
3) This is one is separate from the other two, but why were only leftist accounts hacked? All had two party authorization, meaning all nine or ten people's phones are hacked. Coincidence that they all so happen to be hardcore leftists... Hmmmmm
4) Also, now that those accounts were hacked, all Direct Messages from those individuals are exposed. Imagine the type of danger a country could face if all of it's leaders communications are exposed.
5) One day before the largest cyber attack in history, President Trump's passes a sweeping bill targeting China.
At this point we all have to see what is really happening. Everything that is happening this year is because Trump is attacking China. I believe even this pandemic has root in Chinese Government. What so happens to be funny is all of these people that were "hacked" have financial ties to China
Go look at the disgusting things China is doing; taking land from other countries that "belongs" to them, taking and demolishing homes from their own people, putting their own people in internment camps, and harvesting their organs to sell. That's not even to mention the flooding the government is responsible for, affecting 300,000+ people. What we are dealing with is our generations Nazi Germany.
I mean, have you even heard of the Yulin festival, which other countries allow humans to do that without repercussion?
This is someone telling the United States that we own your booty nothing less.
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From Conspiracy to Fact: An analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Information Control, and the New World Order (Appendix includes hundreds of citations) - PART 1

UPDATE: This article is now available as a printable PDF with embedded hyperlinks for navigation through sources. This link will be valid thru July 9:

PLEASE NOTE: This article may be updated periodically with new information and links as they become available. All referenced information and a whole lot more is indexed and linked in the related appendix posts. Please feel free to crosspost, share, and take from my ideas to build your own. Namaste.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Appendix A | Appendix B

Hello. My name is Chris. I am nobody, really. An average citizen. I am an overweight 42 year old white male from the Midwestern suburbs of the US who has been fortunate enough to live a pretty comfortable life. I used to be a freelance graphic designer with a focus on small businesses, but I'm coming to terms with the fact that that career and part of my life is more than likely over in light of current events. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
I've always been concerned about social injustice and tried to stay politically informed, even dabbling in some activism here and there. At times I've stepped away from paying attention for my own mental health, or due to laziness, defeatism, whatever. But I've never stopped caring, or trying, to fight the good fight and do the right thing.
The news recently has of course swept us all up, and touched all our lives in some way or another. The world has never seen anything like the "Coronavirus Pandemic," and it's clear that our society will be changed forever when we finally come out the other end of this mess. But I've had the luxury of time recently, and in reading the news about things that were going on, I couldn't help but notice the patterns, and that a lot of stuff didn't exactly make sense.
So, here we go, with the "conspiracy theory."
I hate that term, because although it's technically accurate, it's been demonized and weaponized by the media and society at large to take on a bad connotation. Tinfoil hats, alien abductions, crazy people muttering to themselves, etc. You've no doubt got a lot of images in your mind of a conspiracy theorist.
And make no mistake, what I'm going to tell you here is all currently very popular conspiracy theory. However, I think that by removing opinions and conjecture from it, and focusing on facts and things that have already happened, I can present this huge amount of overwhelming, disparate information in a way that makes it less a "theory" and more a "research project." And so that is how I have approached this.
I have spent the last week doing little else besides reading every news and opinion article I could find, saving and organizing hundreds of links, and assembling a coherent, logical outline to organize and present these theories, and more importantly, facts. There are a lot of less-than-reputable sites and publications out there, and I have tried when at all possible to provide sources from verifiable news sites, with a wide range of slants and focuses, to illustrate that what is happening is not part of any one particular political agenda.
I hope that you take the time to check the links, really look into the information presented here, and form your own opinions. Please do not just take my word for it. To that end, there are also a few links mixed in that are labeled as having come from conspiracy. These are well-written and well-reasoned posts from other concerned citizens that I think are worth reading, and relevant to the discussion here.
One last thing - If you are new to most of these ideas, the information presented here is more than likely going to seem overwhelming at first. I encourage you now, and always, to take mental health breaks for yourself, and put down your phone or turn off your computer. The information will be here when you come back. And as you'll soon understand, what is happening is an unstoppable tide, truly a force of nature at this point, and there is nothing you can do to fight it, so try your hardest to relax, put on some chill music, hug your dog, and most of all...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
If you start researching conspiracy theory, you're going to find a lot of information. Some much better or worse presented than others, and some much more plausible or unbelievable than others. Despite the seeming ridiculousness of some things you might read, I encourage you to always approach new information with an open mind.
That said though, I have one main principle that guides all my beliefs about conspiracy theories, and that is the "Filter of Likelihood." Essentially, you have to ask yourself how possible, how likely, and how feasible a piece of information is. Furthermore, you need to ask yourself what the motivation would be. In many cases, it's quite easy to see how something makes a lot of sense based on other known info, whereas some theories seem rather implausible no matter how you look at it.
I am interested only in the plausible, and where possible, the already actualized. Additionally, there's a lot to be said, and a lot that has already been written on many of these topics, so I will focus on current events and simple concepts.
I will also ask you to open your mind to possibility. Please consider this as you evaluate new information:
  1. Do you believe there are things going on in the world that you don't know about yet?
  2. Do you believe that there is technology and science you've never heard of?
  3. Do you believe that society is progressing at an increasing rate?
  4. Do you believe that as populations grow, we require new societal strategies?
  5. Do you believe that those with power and money want to retain their power and money?
Of course you believe all these things, and none of these are wild or unusual concepts. Rather, these are very basic concepts that apply to everyone, and always have. They are all part of our shared human experience, and undeniable facts of life. Populations grow, societies evolve, technology advances, and the world changes. And most important to our discussion here, people, families, and empires constantly jockey for power and control, while fighting for resources, power, fame, and...
We all hate TicketMaster, right? Who do they think they are, what the hell is this bullshit "service fee," etc. It's something everyone can get behind. But did you know that TicketMaster willingly cultivates that image? That venues, teams, and artists, in their pursuit of more money, raise fees and then let TicketMaster be the bad guy and take the heat so their reputations remain intact?
There are many more people, organizations, and other entities in the world playing that same role for those who really have the money, who really call the shots. And those who call the shots work very hard and spend absolutely unfathomable amounts of money, time, and blood, to make sure that you don't ever realize who's actually taking your money.
They do this in the simplest, easiest way. If you simply control information from the top down, and disseminate it when and where you see fit, you can effect great societal change without lifting a finger.
Please imagine... really, try to imagine... You just read an article, saw a video, whatever, from a very, very reputable source. And it just informed you that an asteroid was 83% likely to impact the Earth next month. What would you do? What would happen in the world?
Hopefully an asteroid will not hit next month, but it's important to really imagine what would happen and why, and how. Because a huge amount of information would be generated and published, people would panic, society would crumble, and the world as you know it would change forever in an instant, the moment you read that headline.
Control of information is one of the most powerful tools known to mankind today. A person living in 2020 can easily encounter as much information in a day as someone in Medieval times might have encountered in a lifetime. And it comes at you from all angles, in all forms, non-stop, 24/7. Much like the water in the pipe, the information is always there, and one needs but turn it on.
Disseminating the information then becomes a practice all its own, and to be sure, information processing accounts for more than half of the US GDP. And the rate at which it's spread, and way it is handled makes a huge difference in the societal repercussions. So a few different techniques are used:
It might be the greatest understatement of all time to say that there has been a lot of information passed around about COVID-19, the "Coronavirus," recently. In fact, there has never been anything like what we are currently experiencing in all of human history, and not by a long shot. And this unprecedented turn of events has caused a lot of people to react in a lot of ways, and say and do a lot of things, for better or for worse.
Full disclosure: In particular, if you look up conspiracy theory, you'll see a lot of stuff suggesting that the "Coronavirus is a hoax." (You'll also find a lot of poorly-written rambling) I want to be clear that I DO NOT believe that. I am 100% sure that there is a Coronavirus, that it is making people sick, that a lot of people are dying, and that our medical professionals and many other undervalued workers are overwhelmed, and breaking their backs every day to do their best to keep their friends, families, and loved ones safe. I am extraordinarily grateful for them and admire the resolve and bravery that so many have shown in the face of this disaster. I do not think it is a hoax at all.
However, I think that literally everything else that is happening surrounding the "pandemic" is.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The Pandemic
In the first week of January this year, I got sick. Really sick. I know when I got it and who I got it from, and honestly the exact moment I got it (I only was in proximity of the dude for a few minutes). He had warned me that he was really sick, and I blew it off. I started feeling sick a day or two later, and a day or two after that I felt like I was dying. Fever, chills, aches, extraordinary fatigue. And literal, nonstop, 24/7 coughing. I had every single symptom of what we now know as COVID-19. I commented to anyone who would listen that I didn't recall ever feeling that sick before in my entire life. The most memorable part of it though was that after a couple days, I completely lost my sense of smell and taste. Joked a lot about how you could feed me onions and soap cause I'd have no idea. I try to have a good attitude about being sick.
I spent a week sleeping on the couch before I finally went to the doctor. She gave me a Prednisolone steroid pack (which has worked well for me in the past), some Trazodone to knock me out, and Benzonatotate for my cough. As soon as I took the first dose of steroids I started to feel pretty fucking great, and it was more or less a non-issue after that.
I spoke to a lot of people about it then and after, and man, I can't tell you how many stories I personally heard from people I know that said the exact same thing. Then I started reading the same story over and over again on Reddit:
We didn't start really hearing about the Coronavirus in the media until the beginning of March, and we didn't hear about the "Pandemic" until just a couple weeks ago. And what a couple weeks it's been since then. But I am quite certain that it's been around for a lot longer and that I, and a lot of other people I know, had it - and DID NOT DIE FROM IT - way back in January.
We now know that the first documented case in the US was on January 19th, but that word "documented" is so, so important here. That means that we had identified the virus, developed a test, and tested a person with the symptoms that day. It does NOT mean that was when the virus reached the United States. How sick do you have to be before you take a day off work? Before you go to the doctor? With America's healthcare system or lack thereof, it's almost certain that many people had this virus before we determined what it was, and how infectious it really was.
There is also the matter of the statistics of severity vs the regular flu. This is a highly contentious topic and I am no medical expert, and do not wish to make any assertions. However, what I can tell you from my personal experience is this: I had a horrible "flu" in January, got basic medicine, got better. So, either I had the flu, or perhaps I did indeed have the Coronavirus.
We will never know because I was never tested. But the important thing is that it doesn't matter. Either I (and many others) had the Coronavirus and it did not kill us (calling into question the severity of the infection) or we just had a bad cold or flu, but it had the exact same symptoms as COVID-19 (calling into question the extent of Coronavirus diagnoses). But logically, one of those two statements is true.
Furthermore, the data keeps changing, and I don't mean increasing on a daily basis. I mean up and down, back and forth, it is deadly or maybe it isn't, etc. On January 14 the WHO told you it couldn't spread from human to human. But then on Jan 19 we saw the first case of Coronavirus in the United States. Then it turns out that the Wuhan market outbreak began earlier in December. And then it's an "epidemic," but most people will only get mild symptoms. What are you supposed to believe? And it sure does seem to come at you as a firehose, and it's hard to even think about anything because OHMYGODTHECORONAVIRUS!
But let's stop and look a couple basic facts. As a matter of fact, I'm going to let Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi explain this one to you. This is a very informative 10 minute video, watch it:
Sucharit Bhakdi - Very clear math showing that the COVID statistics are being manipulated
So 80% of people only experience mild symptoms, and we're crashing the economy for this? The statistics aren't any more extreme than many other illnesses we've had over time, and we're crashing the economy for this? It doesn't make sense until you consider that there are other factors besides just the virus at play.
Wolfgang Wodard - Explaining how the statistics are being manipulated to cause panic
The media, and society at large is inundating you with terrifying information about the Coronavirus. But if it's not as bad as we originally thought, then why? We don't freak out about every illness that comes along, and we've certainly never in the history of civilization had over 1/3 of the global population locked down under mandatory quarantine.
And then there's the debate about where the virus came from. We believe it came from a meat market in China, under unsanitary conditions. The science behind a coronavirus making the leap from one species to another is well-established and researched, and it is a very likely scenario. There are also conspiracy theories that state that China released it on its people intentionally, or even that the US military released it in China. Again, we will never know exactly where this Coronavirus came from. It may be natural, it may be man made, and there are very plausible paths for both. I don't know what to believe myself. So here I ask you to make your own judgement based on likelihood.
What we do know though is that the state of the world this virus has been unleashed on has played a major factor in its spread. In 1950 the global population was 2.5 billion, and that has exploded to almost 8 billion people in 2020. As a matter of fact, population growth has been exponential since about the time of the Industrial Revolution.
With all these people on the planet there are sure to be many disagreements and conflicts, and there indeed have been. As a matter of fact, 2019 saw global protests on an unprecedented scale, in Hong Kong, France, Syria, and many other countries. Citizens have literally been fighting police and military with rocks, clubs, arrows, and molotov cocktails.
Did you know that? Despite my seeing headlines and pictures every day of the riots in Hong Kong, I have been shocked to learn that multiple of my close friends, intelligent and aware people, had no knowledge whatsoever of the protests even existing. But that is far from a coincidence; rather, it is quite by design.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Billionaires and Coincidences
Another major talking point over the last 5 to 10 years has been the "1%" - the handful of super-rich individuals who posess and control the vast majority of the Earth's wealth and resources. Where it used to just be a numerical term, "Billionaire" is now a dirty word, and one of the nastiest. We all hate billionaires. They are evil, and profit off the exploitation of the rest of the world.
The "Illuminati" we call them, in pursuit of a "New World Order." Crazy stuff, right? Mysterious symbols and people in black robes doing nefarious things in secret meetings, and running the world from behind the scenes. We love the Illuminati, it's a huge pop culture thing now. The subject of endless speculation, they are made fun of in the media, movies, and now Taco Bell commercials. It's so far fetched it could never really be true. And the fact that you think that is by design as well.
So, we don't know where the Coronavirus came from, but it's certainly here, and there are lot of other things unfolding in the world around it. Many different current events from all different places and fields of study. Some of it seems a little too coincidental. It is certainly very coincidental that this economically destructive Coronavirus entered the world right as there were global uprisings, protests in the street, and a growing public hatred for billionaires.
Well, here are a few other coincidences: Hundreds of CEOs of major companies stepped down from their positions in recent months. Multiple US Senators sold stock right before the market crashed. Even the boss of the New York Stock Exchange sold his own stock right before the crash. Did they know something they weren't telling us?
Here's another coincidence. In 2010, The Rockefeller Foundation published a selection of future-predicting scenarios in the name of "exploring the ways that technology and development could co-evolve." One of these four scenarios, entitled "Lock Step," eerily predicts a global viral pandemic and the resulting hypothetical consequences, which almost exactly mirrors the COVID-19 pandemic we are in the midst of today.
Also coincidental: The first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in China on November 17th, 2019. Literally one month earlier, The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation hosted Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York, NY. In this exercise, they discuss the potential implications and consequences of a novel Coronavirus, including an economic crash, martial law, and of particular interest, the control of information. (You can view some published highlights here)
The World Economic Forum is comprised of the richest of the rich. The 1%. The Billionaires. CEO's, politicians, business owners, and many other powerful and influential figures. They meet regularly to discuss topics of global concern, and strongly control the dissemination of information. And of primary concern to many of them is maintaining their wealth and power in a rapidly-changing world.
And finally, here's one more coincidence: At the exact same time as the Event 201 exercise, The World Military Games was held in Wuhan, China, Oct 18-27, 2019. It was the largest military sports event ever to be held in China, with nearly 10,000 athletes from over 100 countries competing in 27 sports. Wuhan China was, as we now believe, the source of our current global COVID-19 outbreak.
Whether you think it is a "conspiracy" or not, that is all certainly coincidental, to say the least.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"Why didn't I hear about any of this?"
That's an excellent question, and one that likely has multiple answers. For starters, how much do you really pay attention? Where do you get your news from? Do you research things you hear or just accept them on hearsay? Critical thinking skills are paramount in making sense of the chaos unfolding all around us.
As I mentioned before, I can tell you that I personally know multiple people who had no clue whatsoever about the riots in Hong Kong last year. As you read this, you may be one of them. And it may seem like something that is happening far away, and "could never happen here." Or you may have been aware of it but just that it was happening. But please, consider for a moment: millions of average citizens risked their lives and safety in the streets of Hong Kong for months on end, fighting police and military, and transforming the city they lived in into a warzone. WHY? Why would people do something like that? Regardless of their motivations, that many people were banding together to fight for something they believed in. And that is worth considering.
It's not really your fault though that you may not catch wind of all this news. The "mainstream media" that you hear about all the time deliberately controls information - downplaying threats and overreacting to silly things - in order to make sure that you hear the version of the news that they want you to hear.
Did you know that only 6 corporations control 90% of the media In America? That number is reduced from 50 companies in the 80's. And literally all the news you see on TV, at the very least, is 100% owned and controlled by these companies. Lately, distrust is growing for cable news networks, and many people turn to their local hometown station for trusted news. The problem with that though is that your hometown station is probably owned by Sinclair Media, one of the most powerful broadcast networks in the country that you've never heard of.
Please watch this very brief video, illustrating the chokehold that Sinclair Media maintains over your nightly local news broadcast:
Of course, not every piece of news is pre-programmed but a lot is. The real news is out there, but sometimes you have to look a little deeper than the infographics on TV news. Even if information is being directed from the top down, the boots on the ground tend to be passionate people with a variety of interests and agendas, and they are still doing their best to do real journalism despite corporate oversight.
Think of those who are directing the information as steering an impossibly massive ship with a rudder. You can slowly adjust the course of direction, however it is slow to react. If you want to stop, you have to start thinking about stopping wayyy ahead of time. And similarly, once it gets underway, it is then influenced by an inertia all its own. Micro controls and adjustments aren't really possible.
Our society is this giant ship. There are 8 billion people on this earth - that is 8000 million. An incomprehensible number that grows rapidly every day. As civilization grows and advances, so does our medicine, our technology, our cultural norms. These are all natural processes that are necessary to manage an increasing number of societies all around the globe. And many of the advances we're making have exciting potential benefits for humanity, although as with all tools, they also inherently possess the potential for abuse.
Here are some other things happening in society right now, some you may be aware of and many you may not:
There is an interesting chicken or egg relationship between science fiction and real world science. Sci-fi writers are inspired by the real science of the day, then they apply their creativity to imagine what might be in the future. Young scientists encounter these fantastical ideas and think they are worth pursuing, and then set about to make them a reality, and the cycle continues.
Futuristic concepts are then preempted and introduced through the media to the conscious mind, as we include them in books, movies, TV, video games, and more. Eventually we start seeing headlines of these new technologies and developments happening in other places, usually Japan and China first due to their prevalence in the industrial and technological sectors of our global economy.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Continue to Part 2

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Weekly Market Digest, woof!

Weekly Market Digest, woof!
Today I’m thinking about how the phrase “Wall Street opens higher on vaccine hopes” pumps up the US stock market every day. As it happens regularly, does it mean that people are seriously buying stocks on this type of news or it’s kind of coincidence?
I can describe this week in one word: stonks!
  • On Monday $TSLA hit all records and all highs you’d never dreamed about one year ago – $1788. Hmm, this miracle didn't last as long as someone would probably have wanted – the stock closed at $1450.
  • On Tuesday Google joined the rank of Big Tech investors in India. $10B to develop the internet for 650M people without the internet. Well, I start looking forward to the next company investing in India.
  • On Wednesday Twitter celeb was hacked! Since I’d heard this, I was wondering what may happen if there was not a Bitcoin-scam, but something more serious. Btw, Twitter threw everything at security issues, so we can forget about the edit button for some time.
  • On Thursday everyone was trying to rethink what happened with Twitter once again. Nothing more...
  • On Friday people discussed which company may replace Netflix in FAANG. It started because Netflix’s earnings report disappointed analysts. Or maybe there are lots of streaming services now? Just count how many subscription bills you pay each month...
A quick review of the week – Fantasy Invest market movers:
  • Top-3 gainers: $IBM +8.12%, $GD +7.84%, $DKNG +7.68%
  • Top-3 losers: $AMZN −6.99%, $MSFT −5.45%, $BABA −5.39%

Thanks for reading! If you want to talk about the stock market, just tag @ stock_dog on Twitter.
P.S: I still haven't got a TikTok account, cause I’m a millennial with an insatiable Instagram craving.

Good luck with the games!
See ya next Friday, Yaro the Stock Picking Dog
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I wonder how many of the new r/bitcoin accounts are spam accounts? I wonder if it is just a coincidence that there are 5.5K readers here at same time as other bitcoin related sites are presumably getting DDoS attacked?

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Hand Over the Toilet Paper and No One Gets Hurt

First, let me start by saying that I do not possess psychic abilities. If I could foresee the future, I’d have used that ability to win the lotto a long time ago. I’d be on an island sipping some 99% rum drink with a splash of whatever fruit juice makes the beverage seem socially acceptable and not just a speedy vehicle to happy town.
I also do not possess any “inside information.” I have no special access to what is going on in the world. I just watch the evening news, the same as most people. I feel the need to point this out because conspiracy theorists seem to be running fucking rampant on the internet these days. Seriously folks, there really isn’t anything special about me. At least not beyond the “we’re all special in our own way” bullshit my mother used to feed me.
This was all pure chance. By sheer coincidence, I restocked my pantry, toilet paper, and cleaning goods just before toilet paper and hand sanitizer became the newest bitcoin. Seriously, you’d think toilet paper was the universal cure to all ailments the way people are stockpiling it.
My stocking up wasn’t planned. I just hate shopping. I’m lazy and don’t enjoy going to the store. Stores are full of people. I use the term “people” loosely as “zombies” seems more appropriate to describe their behavior. These people all seem to be in their own little world. They’re glued to their fucking phones and only all too happy to slam their carts into my shin while checking their Twitter feed, FB alerts, etc. If I’m lucky, I’ll get a mumble which I can only assume was meant to be some sort of apology. To be honest, it’s a minor miracle when they even acknowledge someone else’s existence.
I’m also a cheapskate. I’m not a “bargain hunter” or any of the other euphemisms people like to use, but I do know how to stretch a dollar to stay within my budget. Some people like to call me “frugal” as if using that term somehow makes it a compliment. Nope. I’m a fucking cheapskate, and I admit it. Cooking at home and buying bulk is typically less expensive. As a result, when supplies are running low, I make the trek to the store for a bulk buy to restock.
Fear of the virus caused a run on the stores a few days after I had restocked. I had plenty of everything. I was out checking my mail when I ran into one of my neighbors who was visibly upset. She always seemed so nice, so I didn’t expect problems from her.
I asked her what was wrong. She said that the stores are all out of toilet paper, low on food, and they’re talking about closing the schools. She didn’t have enough toilet paper or food for her husband and kids to be home all day for an extended period.
I told her that I think I can spare a roll or two of toilet paper. Big mistake on my part. She began giving me a grocery list and telling me what brands she likes for toilet paper, cleaning wipes, orange juice, eggs, cereal, etc. I told her that I’m not a store. I don’t have all that stuff, and I certainly wasn’t going to give her a month’s supply of goods for free. I was only offering a couple of rolls of toilet paper to give her time to find a store with some more in stock.
She actually said: “But I have children! It’s child abuse if you don’t get it!”
For some reason, this lady didn’t seem to grasp the concept that her kids are not my responsibility. I’m not their father. I’m not her husband. I’m not even a relative. I wasn’t going to spend a fortune buying their groceries at a 1,000% markup online if you could get them at all. I told her she could take the two rolls or leave it. She stormed off.
A few hours later, her husband knocked on the door. I should have pretended no one was home. He said he was there to pick up their “grocery order.” I got him the two rolls of toilet paper, and he got mad and demanded the rest of their groceries. He even threatened to call the cops, accusing me of stealing their grocery order.
I laughed so hard I started coughing which caused a look of horror to appear on his face. No illness, just uncontrollable laughter at the insanity of the situation.
The husband wasn’t the bad guy. His wife had apparently made it sound like she had ordered groceries online, and I had signed for them while she was out. He thought I was trying to keep their groceries for myself.
I told him to feel free to call the cops but pointed out that before he did so he should get the receipt from his wife as proof of purchase. The cops won’t do anything without proof. I watched as he angrily stomped off to ask her for it. A few minutes later, he came back over and looked very confused. He said his wife wasn’t making sense and couldn’t produce a receipt. He also couldn’t find it in their email account.
I explained the situation, and he quickly became very apologetic. I told him that I chalked up her behavior to nerves. I’m not sure which he appreciated more, me letting them off the hook easily or the toilet paper I gave them.
Actually, I’m pretty sure he appreciated the toilet paper more. I know I would.
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Law of attraction works in the most strangest of ways

So from my experiences with lottery wins and the LOA serving Justice or balancing wrong doers (more on this below). I have come to the conclusion that Law of Attraction works via psychic or higher self means. It will almost always directly go to work when a person absolutely completely let's go of the matter.
In my case, the LOA both brings me things I desire like lottery wins. I won lottery 7 times via LOA and the lottery wins happen only when I get the tugging pulling feeling that guides me to the win, I can't just play every day, it has to somehow one day just tell me "Buy that". It even nearly made me a millionaire via CryptoCurrency.
In 2016, something gave me a feeling to buy 1 Bitcoin from a local bitcoins website that matched me with a Russian smart young dude in my city that sold it to me for around $600, it was the strangest feeling buying something that he sent me digitally for that high of cash. And then, something else told me to shapeshift that near whole Bitcoin into 600,000 Ripple XRP as I was on the Shapeshift website which didn't need registration at that time. But I sadly didn't listen to it, but instead bought 80,000 XRP and the shocker is that the news of it getting on Coinbase skyrocketed it to $4 an XRP and I would've had 4 million dollars, but I instead got out with around $70k as it started dropping out.
LOA was trying to make a millionaire and I didn't listen to it LOL, but hopefully it will give me a big juicy lottery win.
LOA didn't end with just giving me huge Cryptocurrency gains, it also gave me a $50k lottery win, and also gave me another $25k lottery win and now it keeps on giving me $500 in a border state game from next door state, that game is called "All or Nothing". My state stopped that game sadly, but the border state has it and the border state is rich with lottery revenue so they have a lot of good games.
From all my Lottery wins, I found out there is 1 persistent thing that makes me believe LOA is very real and it is tied to higher self and also Psychic self. It is that the win always arrives spontaneously when I Have not played for a long time or a while, like for example I haven't played for 1 month or weeks, and then I get a random idea to go play it or some good feeling is pulling me towards it, and I suspect it is the LOA so I go play and guess what? BAM it hits me with a $500 or $25k win. Also the LOA is very powerful when multiple people are involved. Like my friend and I and my other friend split hat $25k prize but it was me who paid for it as it was my turn to buy it since we take turns buying it but we still go together and split it 3 way. The $50k was all by myself, and I won that under some mysterious circumstances. I suddenly found myself tired one evening as I decided to go out to drive Uber out of boredom, and this was strange because I had plenty of sleep the previous night, and also drank well and eat healthy and I am still young. So I just decided to head to my sisters house and on my way to sisters house, I recalled that her kids love gum and soda so I decided to go buy those at the store but I also noticed a guy in front of me buy 2 scratch off tickets of a game, so I decided to buy 1 of the same game he did and I scanned it in the store after scratching off bar code and it told me to see lottery office.
I normally just scratch off barcode area just to get to the point and see if I won or not. But this was my first time playing lottery in a while and that became a winner. And surprisingly my energy levels and alertness returned to normal. I believe it was LOA and higher self guiding me to it.
Right now it is about the 5th time that I won All or Nothings $500 prize and each time I play, it is something tugging me to go play it and I win $500, so for example there wasn't a time in the last 5 wins that I played it and did not win it. That gas station workers in that state know me as the guy who wins the $500 because they see my win it all the time. So this is telling me the LOA or Higher Self is guiding me to it. I also noticed in one of these 5 wins, that I left my sisters house and was heading up i35E and was approaching i494 and West takes me to my house while i494 East takes me to that border state that has that game. And I felt something with some excited energy telling me to take i494 East and go play that game, and I did even though I clearly just wanted to go home, I did take the East exit and bought the game and thank God my home was still on the way taking i494 North up. Got home and this game draws daily and I find out I won $500, heck Google images even indexed these wins of mine when I posted them in the Lottery sub after taking photos of them.
But what surprises me is that the LOA keeps giving me the $500 win which is just 1 number away from the $100k and I really desire the $100k and still have not won it. So now I just let go again totally and completely stopped playing the game.
I discovered that to get the LOA to work, one has to absolutely accept the reality that one will not get what he/she desires, just completely accept it and let go. And in the most least expected time, the win will come and find you. Or whatever you desired will come and find you. I believe the higher self or subconscious starts putting together a series of events that appear coincidence, but are actually not coincidence, these events ultimately lead you to the win. This was your higher self guiding you all this time, but some people want to believe it is coincidence or whatever else you call that thing.
Another example of my LOA working is that it gave my Ex-Fiance bad luck. She did various wrong things to me and said bad things to me and she is in another country, I did a lot for her and went there after I left Morocco and her father and mother liked me, and I wanted to return to finish marriage for her, but my passport was expiring in 6 months and I lost $1800 in Plane ticket because of the fact that the airliner would not let me board since rule is that people can't fly out international if passport is expiring in 6 months or less.
Her dying uncle also wanted to see our ceremony and wedding, but there was also the fact that we never finished the initial Shiekh Halal part, and I bought her a Gold necklace when her father and I and her were together at the Jewelry store in that country, but this Gold necklace was for the gift of what they call Mehr and this is valid for her only if she finishes the processes with me and we become husband and wife and I assumed all would fall in smoothly and we would finish it, but her fighting became excessive and she blamed me for my passport that expired and the fact that her dying Uncle never got to see wedding as I never went there to finish everything even though I scrambled to do everything I can.
But guess what? back to the part about how the LOA harmed her, now keep in mind that I don't want my power that I can't control to harm people, I want the good for humanity and forgive the wrongdoings of people and I forgave her, but just as I messaged her to tell her that if she still has that Gold Necklace, it may bring her harm because she never finished process with me and that she fought me too much when I wanted to better her. She said she had to sell it because it did indeed bring her bad luck, she didn't tell me exactly what bad luck, but I believe her. As long as she sold it and got rid of it I am happy even if she didn't mail it to me, because hopefully at least she won't get affected by my Higher Self which has been known to balance me and others if I wronged people or if they wronged me. It goes both ways, my own higher self can bring me bad luck or other people can bring me bad luck or harm if I wrong them. So the Universe does balance people
Ever notice that people who are angry often keep having more negativity and bad luck attracted to themselves? they can never get what they want because they never let go and let their higher self handle it. For example I often see at the Gas station I buy the lottery tickets from that there is always crumbled up tickets or scratchers that people leave on the counter that is right next to the scanner that scans the tickets, but there is a garbage can nearby. So this tells me that person got angry or frustrated and that is not how you win, to win you have to let go and let the higher self guide you to the win in the most unexpected of time. Also the not throwing away the losing slips part and letting the workers pick up doesn't help in the person actually getting guided to the win is what I believe because it is a wrong act to just purposely leave losing slips or scratchers there for another person to throw away for you.
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Long Way Back (Part 2)

Part I
After these events I withdrew into myself. I used to spend most of the free time at home alone. Sometimes I spent the whole weekend lying in bed or playing video games.
In a couple of months I started having troubles falling asleep. Often I couldn’t resist the temptation to “dive” and replace the depressing reality with happy moments of distant past. After waking up I used to lie in the bed fighting a pulsing headache till dawn.
Insomnia made me sluggish and apathetic. But still I would retreat into memories every evening like an addict looking for a dose.
∗ ∗ ∗
I am fourteen years old. School is on summer break. Weather is boiling-hot, so my friends and I are hiding from the sun in a park.
We put our pocket money together to buy a large coke and some ice cream. I am laying on the grass in the shadow of a large willow listening to my friend’s jokes and eating lemon ice pop. If there’s a single word to describe my mind at this moment, it should be serenity.
∗ ∗ ∗
I am twelve. My father and I hike in the magnificent Crimean mountains. When we come home, my parents will finally break up, and mom will leave us. But it will be later. In the meantime I have nothing to worry about. Right now the only thing that attracts my attention is the pure beauty of nature.
∗ ∗ ∗
I am ten. I participate in the national math contest and take the second place to everyone’s surprise. When they call me to give a reward, I glance at my school teacher in the audience and see tears in her eyes.
∗ ∗ ∗
I am fifteen.
I sit at the porch of our cabin waiting for my friends. Disco starts in a couple of minutes, and it’s literally common knowledge that a party is the most important thing in the social life of teenagers in summer camp. So it’s only natural that I’m angry with my friend for keeping me waiting.
At long last they come out. I see Max and my heart fills with warmth and sorrow at the same time. Usually, I try to avoid memories of him, but this is a special occasion.
Max wears ripped jeans, Nirvana t-shirt and a cap. His look makes me amused: from an adult perspective he looks kinda funny, but such an image is taken much more seriously when you’re fifteen.
My parents used to send me to summer camp each year when I was at school, but this time is special. During this trip I will fall in love with a girl (even though our childish “relationship” will only hold for a couple of weeks) and kiss her for the first time in my life. After it happens, I’ll be so excited that we’ll be discussing this experience with Max for half the night.
When I think about it, it feels nostalgic, but I dismiss this feeling. How can I be so sentimental, if it hasn’t happened yet?
Our company finally arrives at a basketball court that also serves as a dance floor. Upbeat music is playing loudly, and most of the people have already gathered. Max nudges me and points at the girl I’m to experience an awkward excitement of the first kiss with. I look at the direction he’s pointing to, and freeze, struck dumb.
Cause I see Nika standing at the edge of the court.
When I met her at the university, she looked totally different, but still I recognize her at first sight. She has long hair with a few strands defiantly dyed pink. She wears a sundress (and it’s actually the first time I see her wearing anything other than a baggy hoodie and jeans).
As if on purpose, at the very same moment DJ announces a slow dance and turns on a soft melody. Without thinking about possible consequences, I approach Nika and ask her to dance. There’s a glimpse of surprise in her eyes, but she still accepts my invitation.
I put my hands on her waist. Suddenly, she moves closer to me and places her arms around my neck. We start dancing, and I belatedly introduce myself. She tells me her name too. I try to start a conversation and subconsciously fear that she won’t talk to me as it was the last time we met in future.
But the future is not here yet. There has been no quarrel between us yet. That’s why Nika answers my dumb questions, laughs at my jokes and sounds exactly the same I remember.
The song ends, and our dance does as well. To me this awkward teenage ritual seems to be the most romantic thing in the world at this moment.
I ask Nika to leave the party and sneak to the beach. Max gives me the thumbs up behind her back.
While we walk together, Nika tells me all kinds of things. She tells me about her favorite indie sci-fi movies. Says that she studies programming as a hobby. Then she says that she’ll soon begin preparing for the graduation exams, since she wants to go to a good university. I eagerly listen to her, enjoying every minute I spend with the girl I missed so much.
We reach the sandy bank of the river and sit on the concrete parapet. Nika notes that we mustn’t get close to the water without supervision, but I see cheerful sparkles in her eyes. I joke that if counselors catch us, at least we will serve a sentence together.
We sit silently and watch the river flow for a couple of minutes. At last Nika starts to speak:
“Do you believe in the butterfly effect? The theory that tiny events in the past…”
“...can have huge consequences,“ I finish the sentence. “You do something that you don’t consider to be important, but by chance it happens to affect the future a lot. Like a chain reaction. Yeah, I believe. Probably. Why do you ask?”
“Well, we met randomly just a couple of hours ago. For instance, imagine that I dressed differently today, and you didn’t notice me because of it, or something like that,” she suggests. “And we’d never meet as a result. Or we’d meet much later. In university, for example. And we’d never know that we even went to the same summer camp…” Nika pauses for a moment, and a vague paranoid thought arises in my mind all of a sudden. “You know, I like you a lot,” she unexpectedly finishes the monologue.
It looks like a coincidence, but ever since I got my power, I don’t believe in coincidences. I hesitate for a couple of seconds, but finally say: “I don’t mean to be rude but… What’s the date today?”
Nika seems surprised by this question. After a short silence, she says hesitantly: “The fifteenth of July?”
“Close enough,” I answer. The camp started only yesterday, so it’s virtually impossible to be so wrong. “It’s the seventh. And what’s the last movie you saw in the cinema?”
Nika fades. Her shoulders sag, and after a short pause she asks: “Which year are you from?”“October, 2019” I answer honestly.
“Huh,” she smiles miserably. “Me too. Maybe, that’s the only way we can be in the same past together ‒ if we go to sleep at the same time?”
She pauses again, and I finally decide to ask a question I have in mind for the last couple of minutes:
“Why did we stop talking? Why did you start ignoring me?”
She chuckles and starts to speak:
“Didn’t you get it? It started that evening at Ivan’s birthday party. We started arguing. You were stubborn as usual, so I said some stuff I immediately regretted. I decided to go back and fix it. But when I came back to the past, it appeared that you suddenly changed the subject before I was able to do anything. You must understand, my ability had never failed me before. I thought that events were invariant, unless I changed them myself. So when it happened, I became frightened and woke up,” Nika stops to catch her breath, but I stay silent digesting this information, so she continues: “At first I blamed the butterfly effect. I thought that I changed something myself, so I tried to get back again in order to amend what happened, but for some reason my powers didn’t work on you no matter how much I tried. Trust me, it was scary. I acted on a whim and pushed you away. And I told myself to forget you,” I see tears in her eyes. “I tried to replace you with other people. It didn’t work. On the contrary, I started thinking about you even more. My thoughts returned to the fact that you were beyond my power again and again, and it annoyed me. Also… I missed you a lot”.
I take her hand in mine without thinking. I know that I’ll never be able to change this moment, but it’s worth the risk.
∗ ∗ ∗
Nika tells me that she discovered her abilities when she fell asleep during the lecture. For a long time she thought that it was just a deja vu. I joke that some lecturers made me fall asleep without any time travel involved.
∗ ∗ ∗
She calls it “to wake up from our reality to another”. I call it “diving”. Different names, same meaning.
∗ ∗ ∗
I tell her that I once returned to 2011 to buy bitcoin, but when I “woke up” it appeared that cryptocurrency never became popular in the first place. I tell her that I tried doing it several times and gave up in the end. We discuss chaos theory for some time, and Nika suggests that it’s possible that bitcoin only became expensive by an incredible coincidence that accidentally occurred in our time branch.
∗ ∗ ∗
She says that she tried to make money from betting, but it turned out that results of most games are completely random. We laugh at it and agree that the universe has a sense of humor.
∗ ∗ ∗
Sun sets and it becomes colder. I give Nika my shirt to warm her up a bit.
∗ ∗ ∗
I tell her about the rules of “diving” that I derived. When I regret about “past me” being unable to remember the “dive”, Nika tells me a simple solution that makes me feel stupid. Turns out that she started the diary on the very same day when she discovered her ability to travel through time. Whenever she comes back to the past, she simply puts instructions for herself in the diary.
It reminds me of something. I realize that in despair Max tried to do the exact same thing ‒ that night in the abandoned building he tried to leave a diary.
I ask Nika if she's ever met other time travelers. After a negative response, I tell her the shocking story of my friend’s death. I also mention the creepy childhood memory.
We ask ourselves: how many time travelers are there around us? How many of them do we meet each day without even knowing?
∗ ∗ ∗
Sudden gust of fresh wind rustles reeds with a soft whispering. Nika moves closer to me. I hug her, and my heart starts beating faster.
∗ ∗ ∗
Nika tells me how she once tried to “dive” while already being in the past. I admire her courage ‒ I never attempted such a thing, and to be honest after traveling to the distant childhood I wouldn’t have tried. However, her experience is not really inspiring: she was able to go to the second level only for a second. When she “woke up” in reality, she felt so sick that she had to skip work next day.
∗ ∗ ∗
I hear voices behind our backs. A couple of kids come to the river bank and stop sixty feet behind. The girl giggles and tells the boy that this place seems to be already taken. We quietly wait until they leave.
I turn to Nika, and she kisses me, probably tired of waiting for me to do the next step.
Strictly speaking, that should be my first kiss. That thought makes me laugh.
∗ ∗ ∗
I tell Nika that we must stay together. It’s fate that we both happen to have these supernatural powers. She seriously answers that I must swear to never use my abilities on her. I agree to that.
We hear DJ announcing the last track of the party. He turns on a sweet indie song. Nika says that it’s very romantic, and we kiss till the melody reaches its end.
“Would you like to walk me home?” she asks playfully. Of course, I say yes.
Near the cabin she says that we need to say goodbye for now. We agree that we’ll both wake up next morning (which happens to be seven years later), and if we are actually a perfect match to each other, then we’ll probably wake up together.
After that I see that her eyes close for a moment, and when she regains consciousness, her face looks surprised for a couple of seconds. Then Nika giggles, kisses me goodbye and runs into the cabin. I realize that she “woke up”.
Of course, I’ll join her in the future. Eventually. No, I do not plan on changing anything or breaking my promises. However, after all I’ve been through, I won’t be satisfied by faint new memories of the changed reality in the morning. I don’t want to lose her anymore so I intend to truly live through everything that is destined for us.
I have a long way back to go.
∗ ∗ ∗
When I finally “wake up”, my head bursts with pain. It hurts so much that I cannot make a sound. There are fireworks in my eyes, so I cannot really see my surroundings. An attempt to move leads to an even greater pain and nausea that I hardly hold back. Suddenly, a cool hand touches me. The last thought before I lose consciousness is that it must be Nika.
∗ ∗ ∗
When I wake up again, I feel a bit better. Migraine is still pulsing in my head, but it’s bearable. I can feel sunlight through closed eyelids, so I realize that it’s morning already. It’s time to get up, but I continue to lie with my eyes closed and think about the past years.
∗ ∗ ∗
I recall how we started dating after that night at the camp. We spent the whole summer together walking in parks, cycling around the city and watching movies at her parents’ home.
I recall that in a couple of months we had our first sex. It wasn’t something to brag about: it was actually pretty awkward. Yet it moved our relationship to a whole next level.
I recall how Nika got into an accident after the prom. She broke her ankles in several places, and it left large terrible scars. That’s when she stopped wearing skirts or dresses.
I recall that we enrolled in the same university, but this time we also went to the same program.
I recall that after the first year in university, we got the identical tattoos on our shins. It covered the scars she was ashamed of.
I recall that one year later she discovered that she can time travel. She told me about it at once, and we experimented with her ability a lot together.
I recall that in a couple of years we finally started living together, and a year and a half ago I proposed to her. The wedding took place on June 22, and Max was my best man.
I recall that I woke up the next morning and saw Max sleeping on an armchair in our living room. He was drunk as hell, but most importantly he was alive.
I recall that we went to Spain for our honeymoon. On the last day of this vacation I looked at Nika’s happy face for the last time in the past. Then I finally “woke up”.
∗ ∗ ∗
I hear someone calling my name. I open my eyes to see Nika lying next to me in the bed.
But at that very second when the light hits my eyes, agony comes back. Just before I start screaming, I realize that I can only see with my left eye.
Nika rushes to me. She’s clearly scared. I try to get up, but I can’t. It feels like every bone in my body is broken. Fighting the excruciating pain, I try to tell Nika what happened, but for some reason my words get stuck somewhere between my brain and my mouth. At last, Nika pulls out her phone and calls an ambulance.
∗ ∗ ∗
When they took me to the hospital, I was already feeling a bit better. Doctors examined me for days. They did a bunch of CT scans and gave me several mutually exclusive diagnoses. In the end they agreed that I had an atypical ischemic stroke. At least it explained some part of my symptoms like partial loss of vision and aphasia.
I didn’t insist on specifying the diagnosis. It was crystal clear to me that modern science doesn't have the slightest idea about what happens in the human brain when its synapses try to adjust for several years of contradicting memories.
Speech disorder and loss of coordination passed quickly. In a couple of weeks migraines stopped as well. However, I lost sight in my right eye permanently. And that wasn’t the worst of it.
First of all, when I was finally discharged from the intensive care, Nika and I had a long unpleasant conversation. She cried at me, called me an irresponsible idiot and liar. I had nothing to say to defend myself. I was guilty in every way.
In the end she calmed down and even seemed to forgive me. But when I was discharged from the hospital, I discovered another troubling matter.
I was unable to “dive”.
We spent a lot of time working on it. Nika tried to help me, believing that my skills got rusty because of many years of break. But it was to no avail. I lost my power completely.
It would be difficult to understand me for someone who had never wielded such a power. Imagine that one morning you try to get up from your bed and suddenly realize that you forgot how to walk. You put your feet on the floor, but you fall whenever you try to stand up. That’s exactly how I felt.
I also remembered how a long time ago Uncle Misha said: “When you are fixed, you’ll understand”. Of course, I couldn’t know for sure, but I assumed that each person has some kind of the internal limit of energy. Each time that we traveled back and forth, we spent some of it. I didn’t know whether this energy source used to replenish after coming back or not, but it didn’t matter anymore. My last “dive” exhausted it completely, because I spent too much time in the past. I became fixed.
Nika shared my pain and sincerely sympathized, but it didn’t help. She was a successful software engineer with a perfect life (how could it be not perfect, if she was able to magically fix any problems?). I was disabled and suffering from constant migraines and deep depression. Each day we became more distant, and I was the only one guilty.
There was another unpleasant surprise. Now, when I was fixed, my memory started to work in a funny way. Each time when anybody changed the past, I continued to remember the old version of events instead of a new one.
This strange effect manifested itself for the first time when Nika called me from the office and asked me to look for her keys. I found them and told her so. The next thing I remember, I was sitting at the computer and there were no keys on the table.
It felt rather disturbing, and my first thought was that I have some kind of memory lapses because of the stroke. Actually, the doctor warned me that such things could happen. But when Nika came home from work, she was shocked by this story even more than I. She told me that she actually called me today, because she thought that she lost her keys. When I said that I found them, she “dived” into the morning and simply took them. I could not possibly remember that, because there was no call in the new version of reality.
At this point the gap between us grew even larger, and we started having trust issues.
In addition, I began to notice other changes that clearly proved that there are many time travelers around, and they are constantly editing the past.
One fine morning Nika and I were discussing our plans, and she mentioned that we were planning to go to the Twenty One Pilots show. The problem was that I’d never heard of these guys before. Manic Subsidal’s concert, that we had actually planned to visit, did not exist. In fact, there was no such band at all.
Another day I opened to play Heroes of Might and Magic only to realize that my favorite Forge faction was nowhere to be found. Google told me that it was designed but never added to the game because of the negative fandom reaction.
Several times I really got confused in my memories. Once I got off at the wrong stop when I was visiting my father. I mentioned a childhood friend who never existed to my mother (it scared her a lot). One time I even forgot the stove on (and I was pretty sure that I turned it off) ‒ Nika started scolding me, but then she saw a bewildered look on my face and simply started crying.
At this very moment I suddenly understood that most likely Uncle Misha wasn’t really schizophrenic.
∗ ∗ ∗
The most difficult thing is to see pity and sympathy surrounding me. They think that I suffered a terrible trauma and now I have difficulties distinguishing reality from fantasy. Each time I want to scream that it’s them who do not see the real world. It’s their lives that are getting overwritten every day by a small group of people who have real power.
It feels like a personal hell, designed specifically for me. Only I know what actually happens, but I cannot explain it to anyone.
Each night I go to sleep thinking that I want to wake up from this reality.
But I can’t.
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